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Email:    Phone Number: +1 (405) 927-8129       WhatsApp Number: +1 (214) 727-6289

Ving 300W 75L Portable Acrylic Polishing Machine HHO Flame Generator

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• Synthetic glass (acrylic) polishing, Oxy-hydrogen generator is a machine using high temperature flame to make acrylic edge smooth and bright. 
• The heat polishing on the acrylic rough surface can be achieved as long as the flame passing by gently, and the acrylic products will become glittery and bright. 
This machine has two colors, blue and white.Color will be shipped at random.


• Take water (Distilled water and pure water) as fuel; 
• "low working voltage, cut off automatically beyond the set voltage" design; 
• Improved model from APM-H60;
• Its electrolysis adopts series and parallel compound technique.


• Economical, environmental protection, fuel obtained easily;
• The design makes the machine safer and save more energy;
• The New Model No. is APM-H160, and its maximum output gas is up to 75l / h;
• The electrolysis is more efficient.

Used For

• Heat treatment for metal parts.
• Weld the hinge of spectacles rim.
• Seal the injection glass bottle, conforming to GMP industrial standards.
• Fuse the lead or tin alloy plate for storage battery.
• Cut and fuse quartz or fine parts etc.
• Peel off FPC of computer, fuse LED chip and thermocouple.
• Weld jewelry made of gold, silver, copper, lead, tin casting etc, such as stud, safety pin, chain etc.
• Polish irregular acrylic surface. After polish, the work piece will be smooth and shiny.


• Strong and durable, light weight and portable.
• Save a lot of money and time for you.
• Economical and practical.
• Energy saving, environmental friendly, safe and reliable
• The edge polished by this machine is more smooth and shiny.


Portable Oxygen Hydrogen Water Welder Flame Polisher Polishing Machine 75L

The flame Acrylic Polishing Machine’s instruction:
flame acrylic polishing machine instruction
Flame Gun instruction:

flame gun instruction

1. Adjusting valve;  2. Connector; 3. Flame nozzle; 4. Bend flame nozzle (option); 5. Flame gun bar; 6. Air inlet port; 
7. Pin type flame nozzle (option).
advantages of Flame Polisher Polishing Machine
Portable Oxygen Hydrogen Water Welder Flame Polisher Polishing Machine 75L
Add water timely
After several hours of operation, the water level may fall below the “middle” line, you should add some water. Distilled water is the best choice, next are purified water, cold boiled water and mineral water. 

How to add water?

1. Turn off the torch.
2. Switch off the power and open the valve on the torch to let out the remaining gas.
3. Screw off the top cover.
4. Add water close to the “high” line.
5. Screw on the cover and switch on the machine, and it can work again.