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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Summa S One D140 54" Cutter w/ Service

Original price $6,390.00 - Original price $6,390.00
Original price
$6,390.00 - $6,390.00
Current price $6,390.00

Summa S One D140 54" Cutter w/ Service

S One D140, 54" dragknife cutter with integral stand, basket and media support system Standard delivered with: Cutting Software - includes phone support, remote support (teamviewer, etc.) and 2 year warranty part replacement via depot service if necessary. (Depot service includes 1 way freight only)

The S1 D140 is the ideal intermediate size for many cutting jobs. All S One models were designed from the base with the user in mind. They represent the ideal cutting solution for sign makers who want to automate and level up their cutting workflow. The S One Series is your first choice where value and reliability are top of mind.

With the S One Series, Summa offers a future-proof and reliable cutting product line, designed on the basis of years of experience, up-to-date techniques and by listening carefully to the customers' cutting needs. Various types of roll stock such as flock, vinyl and soft sheet materials can be processed efficiently and rapidly. A multitude of intelligent features combined with sleek ergonomics make the S One Series the ideal vinyl cutter to grow with your business.

The S One Series is the next step in growing your business and was designed with a focus on ergonomics and simplicity in usage. An extremely fast OPOS sensor system compensates for any deformation of the print and increases the speed by which registration marks are read. An efficient drag knife offers a pressure of 600 grams, enabling to cut laminated designs with ease. The sophisticated OPOS Xtra feature allows to process most intricate small sticker jobs with the highest accuracy.

Summa's legendary tracking system allows to process job after job, cutting a complete roll up to 8 meters without reloading. The very durable titanium coated grit rollers assure you can work intensively for many years with the best tracking system available on the market. Extra internal intelligence minimizes human errors and operator intervention.

State-of-the-art engineering, sophisticated GoSign software and versatile enhancement options have been combined to deliver unmatched performances. This is what makes the S One your first choice cutter where value and reliability are top of mind.

Key features:

The S One Series is available in different sizes and different configurations. However, all units have basic features in common, each of which contributing to the strength, reliability and ease-of-use of the cutter.

Advanced cutting technology

The S One Series offers you leading-edge cutting technology without compromise. Up-to-date techniques deliver highest contour cutting accuracy for printed graphics. This makes the S One roll cutter a flexible and future-proof unit. The perfect companion for your business!


Enjoy enhanced ease-of-use with integrated intelligent features, such as an intuitive touchscreen, blue mechanical parts for easy navigation and easy connectivity to most common computers in the market.

Summa GoSign software

GoSign is your first choice cutting software designed for the Summa roll cutters. Manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility and automated cutting options, custom configuration of action sets, easy plug-ins for design programs and much more.

Legendary performance

The S One Series is built on Summa's legendary performance, featuring an excellent material transport system to process the job accurately and continuously. The next OPOS evolution is the OPOS Xtra alignment method, designed to handle irregular material deformation over the length of the print by adding extra XY lines between the designs. This method is especially beneficial for the processing of small sticker jobs.

Summa S One cutters are built completely from scratch, based on years of experience and entirely developed with the user in mind. Delivering outstanding and reliable cutting quality over extended lengths of material. The S One cutters offer you that and a lot more!