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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Summa S Class 2 75 T 30" Cutter w/ Service

Original price $6,900.00 - Original price $6,900.00
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$6,900.00 - $6,900.00
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Summa S Class 2 75 T 30" Cutter w/ Service

S Class 2 75 T-Series, 30" tangential knife cutter with integral stand and basket, OPOS X and sheet cut-off system. - includes phone support, remote support (teamviewer, etc.) and 2 year warranty part replacement via depot service if necessary. (Depot service includes 1 way freight only)

S Class 2™ tangential and drag-knife cutters feature first-class engineering and advanced cutting technology to deliver astonishing contour cut accuracy for even the most challenging printed graphics. Summa S Class 2 cutters are built on a foundation of rock-solid reliability and include smart features to boost efficiency in your cutting workflow and grow along with your business needs and aspirations. Leave nothing to chance and enjoy leading-edge contour cut excellence now and for many years to come!

The Summa S Class 2 T Series combines S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art True Tangential™ cutting head.Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and built-in capabilities, this plotter offers you to best there is in roll cutting.

Featuring computer-controlled blade rotation and up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa’s T Series combines the precision of a flatbed cutter with the ease and speed of a roll-fed cutter by using our legendary True Tangential cutting head. The T Series simply cuts with more force and accuracy than any cutter in its class.

Level up with advanced cutting technology

The sign industry has gone through a tremendous amount of change over the years. So, your cutting equipment needs to be able to adapt and be both flexible and durable. Summa S Class 2 cutters are built on a foundation of rock-solid reliability and offer features to enhance efficiency in the cutting workflow. Like the finely-tuned suspension in a sports car, our world-renowned precision tracking system puts even more power under the hood to increase performance and yield. Combine this with a powerful dual servomotor and the S Class 2 cutter is your future-proof and reliable companion for many years to come.

From cutting all sorts of vinyl to accurate, digital die-cutting to plotting on paper and beyond, the Summa S Class 2 cutter is a do-it-all cutter with the strength to perform day in and day out. The accuracy of our European-crafted cutters is precisely what makes them so durable. Trust the processing of your expensive foils and valuable vinyl prints to our reliable S Class 2 cutters and you will not regret it. Not ever.

Key features:

S Class 2™ tangential and drag-knife cutters feature the highest quality engineering and most advanced cutting technology to deliver top-notch cutting accuracy for printed graphics. A broad range of integrated and optional features further enhance your cutting workflow and production to deliver perfectly cut end products fast and efficiently.

True Tangential cutting technology

The highly-engineered tangential cutting heads on the S Class 2 T Series power through heavy sandblast, paint mask and reflective materials with incredible ease, speed and accuracy. These exclusive cutting heads provide you with unrivalled, True Tangential Technology and unmatched die-cutting precision as no other in its class.


The optional G-Performance mode boosts the speed and performance of digital cutting operations by up to 40%. Its impact is especially noticeable on wider substrates and faster reading of the registration marks.

Fast and accurate cutting with OPOS CAM

The camera recognition alignment solution - OPOS CAM - allows customers in volume-driven workflow environments to excel with extremely fast precision and accurate cutting of short or long run contour cutting jobs.

Summa GoSign software

Powerful in-house GoSign software, allows you to manage your preferred workflow straightforwardly and with great flexibility.

Legendary performance

Reliable material transport through Summa's legendary tracking system combined with the smart OPOS Xtra feature guarantees meticulous processing of very small sticker jobs.