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S&A CW-6000DN Industrial Water Chiller for 100W Solid-state Laser, 22KW CNC Spindle, 30W-300W Fiber Laser Cooling, 1.52HP, AC 1P 110V, 60Hz

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S&A CW-6000 series is high-precision compression refrigeration Water Chiller, with intelligent temperature control,completed configuration,perfect protection and alarm system.
S&A industrial water chillers are popular for its 2 temperature control modes as constant temperature and intelligent temperature control. Under intelligent mode, the water temperature is adjusted according to ambient temperature to avoid producing condensate water and protect the laser tube.You can adjust the water temperature under constant temperature.

Intelligent temperature control mode for summer
Constant temperature control mode for winter
Note: Cooling water additive is forbidden by express company, so we could not put it into the package. You can buy it from local.

  • 3000W cooling capacity; optional environmental refrigerant;
  • ±0.5°C precisely temperature control; 
  • The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control modes, applicable to different applied occasions; with various setting and display functions;
  • Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm;
  • Multiple power specifications; CE ,RoHS and REACH approval;
  • Long working life and simple operation;
  • Optional heater and water filter.


Model CW-6000DN
Voltage AC 1P 220V
Frequency 60Hz
Current 4.2-18A
Compressor power
Nominal cooling capacity
Refrigerant charge 650g
Pump power 0.37-0.75KW
Pump lift 28-53M
Pump flow 70L/min
N.W 72Kgs
G.W 82Kgs
Refrigerant R-22a/R-410a
Precision ±0.5℃
Reducer Capillary
Protection Overcurrent protection for compressor, flow alarm, over temperature alarm
Tank capacity 15 L
Inlet and outlet Rp1/2''
Dimension 67X47X89 cm (L X W X H)
Package dimension 74X60X109 cm (L X W X H)

Independent production of sheet metal.

High precision temperature control system.

Adopt IPG fiber laser for welding and cutting sheet metal. 
Temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃.

Equipped with water pressure gauges and universal wheels.

Water pressure gauges help monitor the discharge pressure of water pump while univeral wheels facilitate the moving of the chiller.


Inlet and outlet connector equipped.

Multiple alarm protection.

The laser will stop working once it receives alarm signal from the water chiller for protection purpose.

Cooling fan of famous brand installed.

Level gauge equipped.

Adopt SAN JU cooling fan with high quality and low failure rate.

Customized dust gauze available and easy to take apart.

Temperature controller panel description:

The intelligent temperature controller does not need to adjust the controlling parameters under normal circumstance. It will self-adjust controlling parameters according to room temperature for meeting equipment cooling requirements.  
User also can adjust the water temperature as needed.

Temperature controller panel description:

  • Indicators of temperature controller working status: 
    COMP         ON, compressor working
    SV               ON, solenoid valve working
    Heating      ON, heating rod working
    INT    Ctrl   ON, controller working in intelligent control mode
    CT     Ctrl    ON, controller working in constant temperature control mode
    PARAM Set ON, controller working in parameters setting mode
    ALM   OUT  ON, alarm output status
    Room Temp ON, displaying room temperature
    ST     DLA     ON, starting up delay status
  • Press ▼ button to show the room temperature, 6 seconds later default display restored.
    (Meanwhile, Room Temp light is on, displaying room temperature.)
  • ▲▼ buttons are for modifying parameters values andbuttons are for switching parameter items.
  • RST button: confirm.
  • SET button: setting function.

Alarm function

(1) Alarm Display:
When alarm occurs, the error code and the temperature will be alternately displayed.

(2) To suspend the alarm:
In alarming state, the alarm sound could be suspended by pressing any button, but the alarm display remains until the alarm condition is eliminated.

Alarm and output ports

In order to guarantee the equipment will not be damaged while cooling water circulation is out of control, CW-6000series chillers possesses an unique low flow alarm protection.

(1) Flow alarm output ports and the wiring diagram

(2) Flow alarm causes of circulating cooling water and working state

Note: The flow alarm is connected to the normally open relay and normally closed relay contacts, requiring operating current less than 5A, working voltage less than 300V.