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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Mimaki Standard Carbide Cutting Blade 45° (3 pcs) - SPB-0030

Original price $24.99 - Original price $24.99
Original price
$24.99 - $24.99
Current price $24.99


This generic, high quality set of 3 standard cutting blades is suitable for Mimaki cutting plotters and printers. These blades have a cutting angle of 45° and an offset value of 0.3mm. These blades are suitable for cutting normal to thin vinyls and masking films, normal letter size. Cutting pressure can be set under 100g. These are high quality generic blades that correspond to number SPB-0030).

Printer compatibility

Mimaki CF-0912
Mimaki CF-120
Mimaki CF-1215
Mimaki CF-1218
Mimaki CF-150
Mimaki CF-60
Mimaki CF2-0907
Mimaki CF2-0912
Mimaki CF2-1215
Mimaki CF2-1218
Mimaki CF3-1610
Mimaki CF3-1631
Mimaki CFR-1220
Mimaki CFS-1313
Mimaki CG-100EX
Mimaki CG-100Lx
Mimaki CG-100SRII
Mimaki CG-100SRIII
Mimaki CG-101
Mimaki CG-130EX
Mimaki CG-130FX
Mimaki CG-130FXII
Mimaki CG-130Lx
Mimaki CG-130SR
Mimaki CG-130SRII
Mimaki CG-130SRIII
Mimaki CG-160FX
Mimaki CG-160FXII
Mimaki CG-45
Mimaki CG-50
Mimaki CG-60EX
Mimaki CG-60SL
Mimaki CG-60SR
Mimaki CG-60SRIII
Mimaki CG-60st
Mimaki CG-61
Mimaki CG-75FX
Mimaki CG-75FXII
Mimaki CG-75SRII
Mimaki CG-90
Mimaki CG-90AP
Mimaki CJV150-107
Mimaki CJV150-107BS
Mimaki CJV150-130
Mimaki CJV150-130BS
Mimaki CJV150-160
Mimaki CJV150-160BS
Mimaki CJV150-75
Mimaki CJV150-75BS
Mimaki CJV30-100
Mimaki CJV30-100BS
Mimaki CJV30-130
Mimaki CJV30-130BS
Mimaki CJV30-160
Mimaki CJV30-160BS
Mimaki CJV30-60
Mimaki CJV30-60BS
Mimaki CJV300-130
Mimaki CJV300-130BS
Mimaki CJV300-160
Mimaki CJV300-160BS
Mimaki TPC-1000

Products specifications

Cutting Angle 45 degrees
Offset Value 0.30mm
Type Blades