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Email:    Phone Number: +1 (405) 927-8129       WhatsApp Number: +1 (214) 727-6289

60Inch Aluminum Alloy Large Format Paper Trimmer Cutter with Support Stand

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$1,294.00 - $1,294.00
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• Its material is aluminum alloy with metal stand.
• It is designed with automatically paper-fixing function.
• The scale includes both centimeter and inch.
• It has material waste catcher.
• Stand unit contains locking wheel feature.
• The cutter is very sharp.


• Aluminum alloys have a strong resistance to corrosion.
• It can avoid the move of paper fixed conveniently and efficiently
• It can make cutting more accurate.
• Material waste catcher to keep your shop clean.
• Locking wheels for easy mobility.
• There are no rough edges on finished products.

Used For

This Paper Cutter not only applies to paper (thickness within 1mm) but also outdoor printing materials, such as KT board, PVC Foam Board, KAPA board (thickness within 8mm), etc.