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Email:    Phone Number: +1 (405) 927-8129       WhatsApp Number: +1 (214) 727-6289

51" x 35" 1390 Luxury Laser Engraving and Cutter, with EFR F6 130W-160W Laser Tube

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Original price
$7,442.00 - $7,442.00
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• High precision equilibrium linear guide ensures the precise processing effect;
• Adopt the super fine cutting technology, which has features of extensive material processing, 
smooth cutting edge and burr - free;
• Laminated Safety Glass; 
• Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller facula and 
stronger cutting force;
• Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems solve the problem that troubles the laser equipments manufacturing industry for years; 
• The laser cutter is equipped with aluminum strip shape platform;
• This machine uses USB port to transmit data, it is equipped with large internal memory capacity, 
• Adopts high quality RECI CO2 glass laser tube made in China.


• It can make delicate and complicated designs on acrylic, wood and PVC and so on;
• Avoid polishing, processing high speed, and high precision;
• Glass viewing windows creating a safe enclosure for laser processing;
• Original Singapore imported lens can greatly improve working efficiency and reduce cost; 
• Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems extend the life of the laser tube;
• Aluminum strip shape platform can bear heavier materials, such as acrylic, wood and much more non – metal materials;
• Large internal memory capacity improves the working speed with greater efficiency;
• With a fine cutting effect and price advantage.

Used For

This high precision laser cutting machine can make delicate and complicated designs on acrylic, wood and PVC and so on for the advertisement, handicraft industries etc. Servo motor is optional in high - end applications.


• 51" x 35" (1300mm x 900mm) working area;
• Up to 23.6" IPS (600mm/s) high working speed;
• Pass-through front and rear doors to accommodate long work pieces;
• Three unique protection functions, i.e. anti-interference function, water - protective function and power cut - off function ensure longer working life, safety and effectiveness.

Equipped with high quality Water chiller cw5200, which can prolong the lifespan of the laser tube and ensure a better engraving effect.

Main Configuration
Max. Working Area: 51" x 35" (1300mm x 900mm)
Max. Cutting Speed: 15.7" (400mm) / s
Max. Engraving Speed: 23.6" (600mm) / s
Laser Power: EFR F6 CO2 glass laser tube 130W-160W (Normal lifespan: about 10000 working hours)
Max. Cutting Thickness (Acrylic): ≤1.2" (30mm)
Resolution Ratio: 0.0064mm
Min. Shaping Character: Chinese Character: 0.1"  x  0.1" (2mm x 2mm), letter: 1mm x 1mm
Location Precision: <0.01mm
Power Supply:AC110V±10%,60HZ; AC220V±10%, 50HZ
Gross Power: <1250W