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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Ving Automatic Clincher Machine for Metal Channel Letter Making, Metalworking Riveting Machine

Original price $7,206.00 - Original price $7,206.00
Original price
$7,206.00 - $7,206.00
Current price $7,206.00
Ezletter Clincher is particularly designed for fastening the letter returns and letter backs.
Fasten letter backs to the returns of channel letters by clinching, which eliminates the need for fasteners, or adhesives.
It uses newest technique power to connect metals without drilling, spot welding and riveting.
It's ease-to-use and effective, it can also save power and time.
Ezletter Clincher will greatly reduce your channel letter fastening costs and help you outperform the competition with high quality products.

  • Use the pneumohydraulic increasing-pressure cylinder and powered by compress air.
  • Frame with high rigidness and strength.
  • Arrive to the press travels rapidly, no impulsion and no noise.
  • The toolings are made by mold steel form Japan.
  • Electric controller systems are all imported famous brand products.
  • Clinching increases production by quickly, consistently and expertly fastening together different materials of different thicknesses. It allows for a clean, safe work environment because it doesn’t produce fumes or heat and electrical hookups aren’t needed.

Press Force: 2 ~ 2000kn

Working Travels: 70mm (2.76in)

Press travel: 20mm (0.79in)

Throat: 700mm (27.56in)

Table Size: 700mm x 800mm (27.56in x 31.5in)

Capability Single Max.: 1.0mm Aluminum sheet

Adjustable worktable:  0 - 300mm (11.8in)

Speed: 40 hits / minute

Air pressure requirement: 5kg ~ 6kg (11lbs - 13.2lbs)

Voltage: 110V/220VAC,1phase,50 or 60 HZ

Power: 1.1KW

Air 90psi (6bar) at 1cfm

Working size: 1300mm x 750mm x 1970mm (51.2in x 29.5in x 77.6in)

Package Size: 1400mm x 870mm x 2170mm (55in x 34.2in x 85.43in)

Gross Weigh: 722kg (1588lbs)

The air pump is not included, please prepare it by yourself.The air pump should be above 0.6Mpa.