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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Ving Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine Landscape Sign Bending Machine

Original price $22,758.00 - Original price $22,758.00
Original price
$22,758.00 - $22,758.00
Current price $22,758.00


1. Bending system
Double knife alternating bending system, specially designed scimitar and edge structure, 400mm wide processing range, equipped with high power servo system, more suitable for square word, landscape word, roof word, hypotenuse word and other large advertising word bending.
2. Slotting system
Plane tool grooving, using CNC turning tool as the grooving tool, grain selection with imported German carbide knife, high strength and low loss, double-sided 8 blade blade, replacement saves time and effort without sharpening. High power servo drive and equipped with high quality ball screw and linear guide rail, with groove automatic oil spray function, ensure the groove effect should be smooth and level. The system presets the natural Angle slotting function, aiming at the small Angle, the sharp Angle position automatically thin, easy to deal with the complex and changeable graphics processing.
3. Servo system
Adopts the design of manipulator of feed by set respectively in the encoder of the two groups before and after progressive work clamp clamping materials. Compared with circulating clamping feeding, it can effectively reduce the waste of materials when using strip. The configuration of servo drive + high-quality ball screw and linear guide rail makes the feeding smooth and smooth, and effectively controls the material deformation. The closed-loop control composed of length encoder and system makes the finished products perfectly match the source files.

 Item  MBM-JY-A400
 Feeding system  Progressive clamp feeding system 
 Slotting system  Plane cutter slotting system
 Bending system  Double blade alternating bendingsystem
 Material Apecification  Stainless steel, Galvanized board, Aluminum ≤1.2mm
 Material Height  40-400mm
 Accuracy  ±0.1mm
 Input File format  *.dxf
 Power supply  AC220V/50HZ/5KW
 Air supply  0.6m³/min
 Dimensions  L1900*W738*H1665mm
 Machine weight  750kg