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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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uv universal flatbed printer a3 small mobile phone case 3d photo custom production equipment metal printer.ONEVAN

Original price $2,699.99 - Original price $2,699.99
Original price $2,699.99
$3,349.99 - $3,349.99
Current price $3,349.99
  • Product Name:A3 UV Flatbed Printer
    Product model: A3-6
    Software parameters:
    Control software: RIP9.03
    Ink color: YK + WW + MC
    Ink control method: Print white ink + color ink at one time / Print white ink separately / Print color ink separately, 3 kinds of inkjet control that can be freely changed
    Ink supply system: External Independent Continuous Ink Supply System
    Print size: 27.9 * 42cm
    Resolution: 2880 * 1440dpi / 1440 * 1440dpi / 1440 * 720dpi
    Computer system: WINDOWS XP / 7 / 8 / 10
    Hardware parameters:
    Weight: 38KG (Weight after packing in wooden box:55KG)
    Machine size: 80 * 64 * 41cm
    Packing size: 90 * 71 * 48cm
    Voltage: 110 ~ 240V
    Power consumption: 75 ~ 90 watts
    Interface method: USB interface
    Cooling method: automatic control of circulating water cooling + fan cooling
    Maximum height of accessible objects: 8cm
    The widest accessible object width: 35cm
    Platform adjustment method: Rotary adjustment platform
    A3-6 is suitable for beginners' A3 + UV printers, with a print size of 27.9 * 42cm. Its large printing platform is very popular with everyone, and it can print more objects. It is easy to operate, simple and durable, but the price is not high, which is why it is suitable for beginners
    This UV printer  Can print on all kinds of surfaces, available in 3D textured and raised printing, suitable for printing on both rigid and flexible material, like phone cases, metal (aluminum, copper etc), alloys, mirror, gifts packaging (wood, carbon paper, metal), tablet cover, USB sticks, DVD disc, industry signs, badge, plastic card, PVC, glass, wood, paper etc.
    Packing List:
    1-set A3 UV Printer Machine (A3-6 model)
    5-bottles UV ink (5 colors included, 500ml/bottle)
    1-pcs USB flash drive (incluidng RIP print software and Teaching Video of installation and operation)
    1-set tools for installing.