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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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67in x 126in Flatbed Hot and Cold Laminator for Rigid & Flex Media + 1 Year Warranty

Original price $18,199.99 - Original price $18,199.99
Original price
$18,199.99 - $18,199.99
Current price $18,199.99


US Stock, 67in x 126in Flatbed laminator For Rigid & Flex Media, cold & hot laminating
Flatbed Laminator is designed to enable easy and precise applications of foil and self-adhesive vinyl on a wide variety of materials / panels (e.g. sheet metal, plastic, glass and banners), it can be used as well for panels mounting and industrial applications.
Suitable for flex signs, self-adhesive applications and rigid panels etc. 

Suitable Materials:
Flexible media, boards, plastic, glass, PVC banners, wide format graphics for exhibitions and events, Road signs, many more.

• Flatbed applicator that guarantees the best results for efficiency and quality; it is ergonomic, easy-to-use, precise and safe.
• Fully equipped multipurpose work table that gives you access to the superior production method provided by the Flatbed Applicator technique.
• Affordable solution to increase the productivity of operators of visual communication and digital printing as the road sign makers.
• Working table made on glass and complete with media roll-holder for side pocket; The table is illuminated thanks to fluorescent tubes.
• Rubber roller very simple to move that allows bubble-free results.
• Mounted on wheels.

Main Configuration:
• Move gantry forward and backward to laminate 
• Air cylinder for nip-gap and pressure adjustment
• Variable pressure silicon roller locks the substrates into place 
• Illuminated table is ideal to apply multi - colored or translucent graphics
• Imported silicon roller for heavy-duty work. Roller can be automatically adjusted in height to accommodate different substrates
• Exchangeable top and bottom silicon rollers for labor and cost saving
• Side tray for easy storage
• Miracle static-free device for safety
• Infrared temperature control system provides accurate temperature for different medias
• Heat-assist cold flatbed laminator, max temp 120℃ (248℉)
• Pneumatic lifting roller guarantee stable lamination 
• Air cylinder for height and pressure adjustable, oil-water separator for pressure adjustment


Model FMJ-V1732-B4

Working Table Area

3600mm x 2200mm (142in x 86.6in)
Working Area 1700mm x 3200mm (67in x 126in)
Width of Working Area 1700mm (67in)
Length of Working Area  3200mm (126in)
Max. Thickness of Substrate 50mm (2in)
Max. Heating Temp. 120°C (248°F)
Heated Method Infrared
Bed Surface Temperated glass
Power Supply 230V / 50Hz (11A) 
120V / 60Hz (21A)
Voltage converter 3000VA 50 / 60HZ, 220V to 110V
Power 2500w
Up and Down Roller Pneumatic
Warm Up Time 5 - 10min
Working Type Manual
Light Table (LED) Yes
Roll Holder for Bed End Yes
Side Trays Yes
Miracle Static-free Device Yes
Required Air Pressure 7.0 bar / 101.52 psi
Side trays Yes
Machine Size 3700m x 2300mm x 1550mm (145.7in x 90.5in x 61in)
Machine Weight 480kg (1056lbs)
Packing Size 3700m x 2300mm x 1550mm (145.7in x 90.5in x 61in)
Gross Weight 600kg (1322.8lbs)