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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Upgraded Single Heating Tube 71" (1800mm) Auto Acrylic Plastic PVC bender Bending Machine

Original price $4,399.00 - Original price $4,399.00
Original price
$4,399.00 - $4,399.00
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Bending the materials like acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP. Hot bending process equipment, the acrylic bender can be adjust any angle and shape within 30-170 degree.

• Automatic and manual function with CNC operations
• Automatic function to bend the sheet
• Softening crevice can be adjusted according to the thickness of plate
• The heating plate can be fixed avoiding defamation
• The acrylic bending machine has an infrared heating system to prolong the lifespan for more time rather than the hot furnace filament.
• The temperature and working voltage can be adjusted according to the material and thickness.
• Water circulation protects the configuration and the overheating alarm temperature ensures the safety of the machine.
• The current package protects the equipment.
• Bending acrylic support for PVC, PE, PS, ABS, PP and more.
• Thickness range ending: 0.5mm to 6mm (there is no need to cut a slot on the sheet).
• Processing length: within 1820mm
• Heating bracket: 0-20mm adjustable
• Heating method: constant temperature heating
• Control mode: add foot control device
• Machine structure configuration: the cooling system adopts 304# Stainless steel material, more durable, work surface configuration 4MM thick pure aluminum plate, shorter and faster.

This 71" (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Plastic PVC Bending Machine is increasingly applied in school technological innovation course, decoration projects, packing of square columns or wall corners, fish tank, window edge, display counter, supermarket shelves, advertising light box, art products making, etc.
Decoration industry: Acrylic bending side, acrylic display rack, acrylic decoration bending, etc
Industry: safety guard on machinery, protective cover for production line, production line exhibition stand, storage box, etc.

Model ABM-ZD-1800
Angle 30°-170°
Bending Thickness Up to 0.24" (6mm)
Working Length 71" (1820mm)
Power 1.8KW (Adjustable)
Power Supply 1PH 220VAC (50/60Hz )
Number of heating tubes 1pc
heating gap 0-0.79" (0-20mm Adjustable)