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Upgraded 48"(1200mm) Manual Acrylic Light Box Plastic PVC Bending Machine Heater, 0.04" – 0.24"(1mm - 6mm) Thickness

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The acrylic bending machine heater is the core part of bending machine. You can assemble various kinds of ideal practical acrylic bender with this heater.
Processing Material: Acrylic, Plastic, PVC, Plexiglass.
Used for: This acrylic bending machine heater can be widely used in decoration engineering, sign making, display cabinet, aquarium wrapping, lighting LED channel letter, bending the supermarket shelves, curtain wall, large light box, acrylic plates and plastic plates.
The acrylic bending machine heater can bend all kinds of plastic sheet. If the thickness of acrylic sheet is beyond 6mm, you can use two heaters heat the top and bottom of the sheet at the same time, or you need to cut a slot on the sheet.
You can also use many acrylic bender heaters to heat more bents at the same time.

Acrylic bending machine upgrade introduction:
1. The main profile is upgraded to a high-strength special profile (Picture 1).
Advantages: The bending strength is twice that of the original profile, which effectively reduces the deformation probability and stone of the main profile during transportation and use.
British tube breakage rate.
2. The three-point heating tube support pad is upgraded to a "double-layer full-line heat insulation pad" (picture 2). Advantages: energy saving and high efficiency, improve the overall.
The consistency of the temperature of the strip heating tube (the temperature and color of the heating wire at the position of the original three-point support pad are slightly different from those at other positions).
The heat conduction from the heating pipe to the main profile is double-blocked, which effectively reduces the temperature rise rate of the cooling water, and the double-layer heat insulation pad prevents.
The vibration effect is better, and the damage rate of the heating pipe is greatly reduced.
3. M5 slider nuts (picture 3) are pre-installed on both sides of the main body of the heater to facilitate the connection of "fixed distance and fixed angle brackets".
Advantages: Customers can purchase and install single-sided or double-sided fixed-distance and fixed-angle brackets according to their needs.
4. The heating wire is upgraded to a high-precision pitch heating wire (Picture 4).
Advantage: More consistent temperature at all locations along the entire heating bath.
5. Special ceramic terminals (picture 2, picture 3).
Advantages: The terminal slides smoothly in the U-groove of the main profile, which can offset part of the expansion and contraction of the heating wire when heated, and the terminal and the top surface of the main profile.
Flat, exquisite and beautiful appearance, more stable conductive connection, better heat dissipation.

• Reasonable design, small size, compact structure and beautiful appearance;
• Heat even and temperature adjustable;
• With circulating cooling water system on both sides of heating pipe;
• Power supply joint and waterpipe joint are at the same end;
• The body is made of special aluminum extrusions.

• Portable, small occupation, low consumption and reliable operation;
• Light and practical with low cost, value-priced;
• Circulating cooling water system can make sure other parts (no heating is required) won’t get thermal deformation.
• Free plugging and unplugging, easy to storage and assembles to worktable very conveniently;
• Straight appearance, the effective heating length is 1220mm (48").

• Low consumption, low cost;
• Can be assembled to a hot bending machine or used alone;
• Save space, light and practical;
• Can bend all kinds of plastic sheet.


Model ABM-BT-1200-PLUS-US
Maximum Bending Width 48"(1200mm)
Power 1500W
Power Supply AC 100-120V/60Hz
Heating Slot Width 0.31" (8mm)
Heating Thickness 0.04" – 0.24"(1mm - 6mm)
Heater Size 1.8'' x 1.8'' x 58.3''(45 x 45 x 1480mm)
Box packing Size 61" x 8.27" x 5.1"(1550×210×130 mm)
Gross Weight 13.67lb(6.2kg)