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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Pneumatic Dual-axis Metal Strip Letter Bending Machine for Making LED Letter Signs 3.9"(100mm)

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• Pneumatic Letter Bending Machine: It is pneumatic to fasten materials. The cylinder used by this machine can bear 70kg of weight. No worry about cannot fasten the material. It specializes in bending aluminum edges, iron sheets and stainless steel. 
• It can bend metal sheets quickly and accurately (It will attain the best effect if you use with CS-MBBT-001 metal slot bending machine).

• The pneumatic bending machine’s angle bending function doesn’t require too much of the strips, for the bending machine can be used to bend nearly all kinds of angles used for aluminum letter signs. 
•The pneumatic bending machine can bend many ranges of edges, and can even make a 5cm distance between two angles, more suitable for making letter signs. 
• The pneumatic bending machine features a foot switch, very convenient to operate, with a double-axle cylinder to fasten materials. It is very powerful.
• It can bend iron 1.2 mm, aluminium: 1.2 mm, stainless steel: 1.0mm, effective flanging height is 10 cm.


1.Open the pneumatic letter bending machine, connect the air inlet of the foot switch with the air pipe;
2.Press the foot switch to check that the machine is in working order; Release the switch and put the metal strips in;
3.Align the strip position, and press the foot switch to clamp the strip;
4.Mannually regulate the handle until bending the required angle;
5.Release the foot switch, take out the strip, and close the machine.

• You had better fasten the pneumatic bending machine on a flatbed. You may dig a hole to install the bearing of the pneumatic bending machine. If you don’t fasten the bending machine, you won’t easily use it. 
• Avoid your hand being pinched by the pneumatic bending machine, for it has dozens of kilos and its pressure is unbearable.