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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Legend Pro All In One 14.57in (370mm) DTF Printing System with DTF Printer (Dual Epson I3200-A1 Printheads), Powder Shaker and Dryer

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CALCA DTF printing system is an automated print, powder and curing machine used to create direct to film transfers.
Equipped with 2 Epson i3200-A1 heads, 23.6in (60cm) length two - section extended drying tunnel, which makes the DTF printing system featured high speed and high efficient. more heads equal more speed.
These transfers can be heat applied to many items including shirts, hats, shoes, bags, leather, wood, denim, canvas and much more.
With the advancement in DTF technology, there is no denying that DTF is taking the printing industry by storm. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular technologies for textile printing compared to traditional printing methods.
This all in one dtf powder shaker unit takes over by evenly spreading, then melting the needed amount of adhesive material directly onto your printed image, saving time, effort, and cost.

Technical Specs:

  • Maximum print width: 14.57in (370mm)
  • Maximum media width: 15.75in (400mm)
  • Dual Epson i3200 Printheads (CMYK - WWWW)
  • 4 Pass 6 Pass and 8 Pass Print Resolution
  • Speed: 4 pass: 12m²/ h; 6 pass: 9m²/ h; 8 pass: 7m²/ h
  • 1 Liter per color ink bottle capacity
  • Printing Resolution: 360 x 2400dpi; 360 x 3600dpi; 720 x 2400dpi
  • Print Head Cleaning: Automatic
  • Rewinding Function: Automatic
  • Machine Size: 44" wide x 83" long x 47.6" high (2100mm x 1112mm x 1209mm)
  • Machine Weight: 616lbs (280kg)
  • Packing Size: 77in x 44.5in x 44in (1950mm x 1130mm x 1124mm), 48in x 26in x 28in (1210mm x 650mm x 716mm)
  • Gross Weight: 770lbs (350kg)

What's Included:

  • CALCA Dual Head Printer (Fully Assembled)
  • Powder Shaker and Dryer
  • PC w/ CADlink RIP Software
  • Support: Unlimited Phone Support During Business Hours


  • A/C 110v 28amps. 2 Dedicated circuits (1 for printer and 1 for dryer), total 3000W
  • Climate control set to 70-75 degrees and 40 - 60% humidity
  • Typical learning time is 6 - 20 hours over a period of 1 week.
  • Vent to the outside. You’d better equip one fume extractor filter.

CALCA DTF powder shakers do not have automatic powder recycling function, in order to avoid hot melt powder moisture.


  • DTF Printer: Adjustable suction platform, LED lighting, ink supply system with alarm and circulation function, printing head with anti collision, one button automatic cleaning function, integrated lifting type ink lamp. LCD + multi-function button panel.
  • Front guide plate heating, 24in (60cm) length two - section extended drying tunnel, cold air cooling, automatic winding and touch screen.
  • With touch screen display controller, simple to use.
  • Perfect Print Effect, Wide Applications
  • Sharp vibrant images, eye-popping print effect.
  • Pattern will be washable, soft to the touch, and stretch without cracking.
  • Any fabric textile cloth material, any color, any part printing.
  • Upgradable Printhead System: This serial of CALCA dtf printing system is with a productivity output 200% of DTG systems. With robust and reliable Epson I3200 engine (upgradable 2 printhead 4720 options) and professionally assembled and enhanced, it produces durable and intense color prints. This next-gen printhead technology offers 20-30% improved printhead accuracy and lifespan as compared to previous versions.

The DTF Process:

DTF Printing Advantages: