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Lawson Zoom-AE #1620 Pretreatment Sprayer DEMO UNIT

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$4,595.00 - $4,595.00
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The Lawson Zoom-AE is the direct to garment (DTG) industry leading pretreat sprayer. The Zoom-AE is the best dtg pretreatment sprayer for anyone who is serious about quality DTG printing. As an all-electric, industrial, state-of-the-art automatic pretreatment machine, the Zoom-AE can pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button.


All-Electric, industrial, state-of-the-art pretreat application sprayer. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button - with zero "out-spray".

This pre-treat unit saves space and features an instant twist on/off spray nozzle that can be changed in seconds. In addition, the length of spray is easy to adjust and maintenance is very simple.

The Lawson Zoom-AE is an all electric operated unit. It is ideal for basic to sophisticated spraying of pre-treat solution. Just pull out the drawer, load the shirt and push the start button.



Model #1620
Direct-to-Textile Yes
Number of Spray Heads 1 (optional 2nd Left/Right Chest Head)
Estimated Spray Path Width 17"
Estimated Spray Path Length Adjustable up to 20"
Maximum Image Size 17" x 20"
Standard Platen Size 16" x 20"
Estimated Length, Width, Height 34" x 27" x 24" (without floor legs)
34" x 27" x 52" (with floor legs)
total length with Drawer Extened is 60"
Electrical Requirements 120 volts, standard plug-in wiring
Air Requirements None
Solution Containers 2, 1-Gallon Containers
Estimated Unit Weight 150 lbs.
Estimated Leg Kit Weight 30 lbs.
Estimated Crate Size (W x L x H) 32" x 58 " x 32" (60" with legs assembled)
Estimated Crated Weight 280 lbs.
WENL Spray Tip on Zoom-AE
Speed Grams
40 40-51
50 39-41
60 34-35
70 29-30
*Always pre-test to determine appropriate settings for your substrate and environment