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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer - K0Q45A

Original price $164,999.00 - Original price $164,999.00
Original price
$164,999.00 - $164,999.00
Current price $164,999.00


The HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer is designed for a variety of hybrid applications including signage and displays, the growing portfolio offers choice, value, and versatility while featuring innovative technologies including HP Latex Rigid Printing Technology and HP Latex White Ink.

With the new HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer, you can transform any rigid or flexible substrate with amazing colors. And with no smell, your new colors, new substrates, and new possibilities create the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition.

Whites that fade to yellow are becoming a thing of the past with white HP Latex Ink, an industry breakthrough. With the new HP Latex R1000+ printer, you can transform your business all while adding value to new applications. That includes the glossiest of whites on new substrates like wood and acrylic. It's time you print white like you never have before.

  • Expand your offering with white, we’ve removed the barriers2
  • Get more versatility in one device for high-value jobs
  • Manage your peaks in-house with smart printing
  • Help avoid costly operating errors with an easy interface


    Say yes to short runs and create high-impact customized packaging. Flexible HP Latex inks allow superb bending and folding without cracking.



    Expand your business into high-value applications with amazing colors and the glossiest of whites.2 No print and mount—one technology provides color uniformity across campaigns—and durable, flexible HP Latex Inks make lamination easy.

    Outdoor signage

    Create amazing signage with durable and flexible water-based HP Latex Inks that provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance,4 so you can assemble and cut without chipping, and laminate with ease.

    Window graphics

    Set yourself apart from your competition with applications that provide the glossiest whites on transparent and colored media with high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time.2

    Events and exhibitions

    Offer brand color consistency across rigid and flexible using one printer. Durable, flexible HP Latex Inks deliver applications that don’t smell,6 ideal for indoor applications. And you can assemble and cut without chipping.


    Enter the highly profitable world of decoration. Achieve the glossiest of whites2 on new substrates like wood, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and acrylic while preserving the gloss and feel —and deliver prints with no smell.6

    Vehicle wrap and graphics

    Build brands and grow your business with high-quality, easy-to-install vehicle wraps. Durable and flexible water-based HP Latex Inks provide high adhesion and scratch resistance with a new HP Latex Overcoat,⁴ enabling easy lamination.