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HP 1050C+ 36" Printer

Original price $699.99 - Original price $699.99
Original price
$699.99 - $699.99
Current price $699.99

Product description

The 1050c is a high-performance, high-speed, 36-inch, large-format printer using thermal Inkjet technology. Its new ink system (printhead + printhead cleaner + ink cartridges) provides 600 dpis and 350/175 cc of ink in a continuous refill system.

HP Jetdirect card

The 1050c has the HP Jetdirect 600n 10/100 TX (J3113A) installed.

Product features

  • Three times faster print speed (over the HP Designjet 750c+ printer)
  • Three times "click-to-clunk" overall throughput improvement (over the HP Designjet 750c+ printer)
  • True 600-dpi output for crisper text, finer lines, and improved image resolution
  • Addressable 1200-dpi mono resolution
  • Network-ready
  • 1 GB hard disk option
  • Increased ink unattendedness with 350 cc/175 cc (CMY) and 350 cc (K) off-axis ink cartridges
  • Long-life print heads
  • Increased paper unattendedness with 300 ft HP Bright White paper Jumbo Rolls
  • Improved ink-level sensing (low-ink and overnight printing indicator)
  • Ability to load cut-sheet without manually unloading roll paper
  • Support for thin paper (Asian tracing paper)
  • Glossy paper support
  • HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and HP RTL languages supported
  • VarWare Support
  • Five times faster (than the HP Designjet 750c+) Adobe (R) PostScript (R) option
  • New Front panel for improved ease of use
  • EIO slots (one for hard disk, the other for networking)
  • EDO slots for RAM DIMMS (16, 32, 64 MB)
  • Parallel connector; 1 serial connector
  • Windows 3x, 9x, and Windows NT drivers shipped in the box
  • AutoCAD drivers shipped in the box

System requirements

  • Windows 9x
  • Windows 3x
  • Windows NT
  • UNIX (R)
    If you have any questions about whether an application supports this printer, first check the software documentation, and, if necessary, contact the software vendor for advice.


  • Industry-standard HP-GL, HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL languages supported
  • Adobe (R) Postscript(R) Level III option available
  • Built-in networking option through EIO (10/100-Base-T)
  • Two EIO slots (one for hard disk, the other for networking/fast direct connect)
  • Two EDO slots for RAM DIMMs up to 128 MB
  • One parallel connector
  • AutoCAD (Windows 3x, 9x, and Windows NT drivers shipped in the box)

Recommended cables

The following cables are recommended for optimum performance and electromagnetic compatibility.

Cables for PCs

Interface type (computer)
HP part number
Cable length
Connector type at computer end
IEEE compatible/ Centronics Interface
3.0 m (9.8 feet)
25-pin male

Cables for UNIX (R) systems

Interface type (Computer)
HP part number
Cable length
Connector type at computer end
Parallel (IEEE compatible/ Centronics) Interface
3.0 m (9.8 feet)
25-pin male


PostScript option fonts

The fonts print shows all resident PostScript fonts (internal and downloaded) with a printed sample of each font.

Media specifications

Roll paper

Paper length:
All film types
Heavyweight coated paper
91.4 m (300 feet)
38 m (125 feet)
30.5 m (100 feet)
Maximum outside diameter of roll
99 mm (3.9 inches) across any diameter
Inside core diameter
50.8 mm (2 inches)
Roll widths
610 mm (24 inches) and
914 mm (36 inches)
Side margins (normal)
5 mm (0.20 inches)
Side margins (extended)
15 mm (0.59 inches)
Leading edge
12 mm (0.47 inches)
Trailing edge
5 mm (0.20 inches)

Sheet paper

The 1050c accommodates all standard and odd paper sizes. The width ranges from 210 mm to 917 mm (8.3 to 36.1 inches). The maximum sheet length is 1600 mm (63 inches).

Media types

  • HP bright white Inkjet paper
  • HP translucent bond
  • HP Vellum
  • HP natural tracing paper
  • HP clear film
  • HP matte film
  • HP heavyweight coated paper
    See also the SuppliesSource catalog and (in Europe and USA) the HP Paper Guide for HP Designjet printers.
    New paper types may become available. For up-to-date information, contact the HP dealer or the local HP sales and support office.

Margins roll/sheet

Side margins
Leading Edge margin
Trailing edge margin
5 mm
(0.20 inches)
12 mm
(0.47 inches)
5 mm
(0.20 inches)
5 mm
(0.20 inches)
12 mm
(0.47 inches)
15 mm
(0.59 inches)
15 mm
(0.59 inches)
12 mm
(0.47 inches)
5 mm
(0.20 inches)
15 mm
(0.59 inches)
12 mm
(0.47 inches)
15 mm
(0.59 inches)


The ink system in the 1050c printer includes three components: a print head, a printhead cleaner, and ink cartridge to provide large-capacity ink, unattended printing, ease-of-use, reliability, and low cost. The ink system offers true 600 dpi and new advanced dithering algorithms for exceptional image quality prints.
Each 600-dpi thermal Inkjet printhead applies ink droplets onto the paper and has a reservoir that holds enough ink for several prints. The printer automatically refills the print head from the ink cartridge whenever the ink volume in the printhead reservoir becomes low.
The printer uses the printhead cleaners to clean and maintain the print heads to ensure best possible image quality, and to seal the print heads when they are not in use to ensure long life.

HP80 ink supplies

The ink system components (the print head, the printhead cleaner, and the ink cartridge) are called the HP80 ink supplies, and they are coded with an HP80 icon to help with ordering the correct replacement components.
Each color ink cartridge (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) can be purchased separately from HP retailers and should be purchased when an existing ink cartridge is low to print continuously.
A printhead and a printhead cleaner are supplied as a single unit and should always be installed as a matched pair. They do not require replacement every time a new ink cartridge is installed in the printer. It is only necessary to replace a print head and printhead cleaner when the existing components are time expired.
Part numbers for HP80 ink supplies are listed in the table below.
Part number
Black print head and printhead cleaner
Cyan print head and printhead cleaner
Magenta printhead and printhead cleaner
Yellow printhead and printhead cleaner
Ink cartridge black 350 cc
Ink cartridge cyan 350 cc
Ink cartridge magenta 350 cc
Ink cartridge yellow 350 cc
Ink cartridge cyan 175 cc
Ink cartridge magenta 175 cc
Ink cartridge yellow/175 cc


HP Designjet 1050c printers come with 32 MB of memory. You can expand the memory up to a maximum of 128 MB by adding additional 16 MB, 32 MB, or 64 MB memory expansion modules in various combinations.

Performance/print quality

Print quality
Print resolution
300 x 300 dpi
600 x 600 dpi
Color prints:
600 x 600 dpi
Grayscale prints:
1200 x 600 dpi

Print speed

Mono speed
Color speed
2 x 3 ft
(609 x 914 mm)
2 x 3 ft
(609 x 914 mm)


0.38 mm (0.015 inches) or 0.2% of the specified vector length, whichever is greater, at 23 degrees C (73 degrees F), 50 to 60% relative humidity on HP special polyester film.

Programming languages supported

  • CALS
  • HP-GL
  • HP-GL/2 (with Kanji Level 1 and 2 character sets)
  • HP-RTL (with color extensions)
  • PJL, PML
  • Adobe PostScript Level 3 (supports Asian languages)
  • VarWare


35% Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)
Duty cycle
14.77 sq. meters (159 square feet) per day

Physical specifications

Without stand:
59 kg (130 pounds)
With stand:
81 kg (178 pounds)
1566 mm (61.7 inches)
675 mm (26.6 inches)
1290 mm (50.8 inches)