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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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ESD New Intelligent Precision Welding Machine Aluminum Welder

Original price $1,899.00 - Original price $1,899.00
Original price
$1,899.00 - $1,899.00
Current price $1,899.00
Model LWM-LV-ZLL-5200 Instantaneous Current Regulation Range 2-500A
Input voltage single phase, AC220V 50/60HZ  Pulse frequency conversion range 1--5HZ
Power consumption 1200W Cooling mode Compulsory Air Cooling with Two Fans and Six Ports
Instantaneous maximum power >40kw Applicable tungsten pole diameter 1.0 - 2.0mm
Adjustable range of output power 0.05----40kw Machine weight 15kg
Panel Current Regulation Range 1-99 Machine specification 420x220x300mm


1. Functions of equipment:
1) pulse single spot welding: this function as an independent work unit, welding, the heat input is very small, highly targeted, precise parts can easily welding and welding repair, the thickness of the welding stainless steel sheet reduced to 0.1mm.
2) Pulse continuous single spot welding: this function, as a combination of working units, can start arc continuously at the small current of 1A, the current is continuous and stable, and the focus of fire is concentrated. It can match the welding effect of imported miller welder.
3)Pulse single point/continuous resistance welding: as an additional function of new cold welding, this function can be used for pressing welding and butt welding of stainless steel sheet center or edge below 0.5mm. For some special welding requirements, it can be easily realized: special position welding, high efficiency and one-second operation.

2. Features of equipment:

A. the workpiece is not deformed or deformed little.
B. white fish scale solder joint, without polishing.
C. simple operation, no professional welder, no welding certificate.
D. The workpiece is not transparent to welding and does not change color. With strong binding force, it can bear weight, bear pressure and bear water.
E. The finest welding wire can be used up to 0.1-0.2mm, accurate and precise.
F. Easy to carry and direct on-site welding, eliminating expensive separation of workpiece or repair part.
G.This welder can weld 0.5-2mm (0.02 "-0.08") aluminum

3. Scope of application
1) kitchen cabinets, kitchen supplies, stainless steel countertops, stainless steel sink water tank
2) Metal shelves, metal cases, metal display cases, metal words, metal pipes, metal crafts
3) white steel, color steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and other doors and Windows and decoration
4)special materials, special welding, special repair, special research, welding hobby
5) precision resistance welding, pressure welding and other stainless steel products
6) Ancient copper COINS, ancient bronze mirrors, metal antiques, and imitations and high imitations

4. Comparison of argon arc welding, traditional cold welding and laser welding:
1) Comparison with argon arc welding machine:
Due to the great impact and input energy of argon arc welding machine, the workpiece is easy to be deformed, blackened and thoroughly welded after welding. This welding machine successfully overcomes this difficulty and makes the precision welding a reality.
2) Comparison with traditional cold welder:
Traditional cold welding heat dissipation function is poor, the machine working for an hour or so, because of thermal protection will need to have a rest, or the failure due to machine because of the internal parts to overheat, and new type of cold welding increase three fish gills cooling front panel, rear fan a fourfold increase, internal add buy a small fan, the core parts adopt imported, transformer new improvements, the machine can use for a long time to completely get rid of the traditional cold welding because of overheating protection, the working time, the fault and overheating.
3) Comparison with laser welding machine:
The precision of the new cold welding machine has reached the precision of the laser welding machine, but the flexibility of welding is far more than the laser welding machine, and the new cold welding machine welding material, the thickness of the optional wire is far more than the laser welding, welding speed has been greatly improved, in the price has a greater advantage, has a very high cost performance.