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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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Epson I3200-U1 UV Printhead

Original price $1,389.00 - Original price $1,389.00
Original price
$1,389.00 - $1,389.00
Current price $1,389.00


1.PrecisionCore Technology
①. MEMS manufacturing and thin film piezo element can realize high precision and high density (600 npi /2 rows of nozzles). Contributes to compact, high speed, high quality, and high image quality.
②. Precision made of Epson unique MEMS nozzles and an ink flow path ensure the per fectly round ink droplets are placed accurately and consistently.

2. Support for grey scale
Epson's unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology
(VSDT) delivers smooth gradation by freely control to
eject the droplet volume.

3.High resolution
Ink ejection of up to 4 colours realize with high resolution (600 dpi/colour). In addition to the I3200 has also been added to the lineup in order to meet the various customer needs.

4. High durability
PrecisionCore Print Head has proven high durability and extended service life by Epson's industrial printers.


Product name I3200-U1
Ink type UV
Type PrecisionCore MicroTFP Printhead
Width x Depth x Height 69.1 x 59.4 x 35.6 mm
Weight 82 g
Number of nozzle 3200
Nozzle pitch/nozzle row 1/300 inch
Nozzle Resolution 300 npi /row  600 npi/2 rows
Max. number of colour inks 4 colours
Effective print width 33.8 mm (1.33 inches)
Binary 5 pl at 43.2 kHz
3 levels grey scale 6, 12.5 pl at 21.6 kHz
4 levels grey scale 3.8, 6.2, 9.3 pl at 21.6 kHz
Viscosity range 5-7 mPa·s
Positioning Mechanism Reference hole

1. The printhead is required to be installed by professional persons.
2. Due to the nature of Printer Parts and the many factors that go into installing them, we do not accept returns or give refunds on electronic or service parts. Once the package is delivered, it is the customer's responsibility to check the package for damage. If there is any visible damage on the package, please refuse the shipment and call us or send email to us.
3. Please seriously pay attention to information about printhead models while purchasing from us. Once received your item, please inspect if the printhead matches up with the model you required.If you have any problems, it is very important that contact us as soon as possible beforeinstalling it onto machine. Please be aware that we don't accept any returns and refunds once the printhead is installed on the machine.