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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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CW-5000DG Industrial Water Chiller for Single 80W or 100W Engraving Machine, 6L Tank capacity, 750W Cooling Capacity, AC 1P 110V, 60Hz

Original price $594.00 - Original price $594.00
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$594.00 - $594.00
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It is designed for cooling the one CO2 glass laser tube under 150W of the laser engraving and cutting machine. (Its emitting rate is higher than 60 %.)
Cooling capacity is 800W.
Have design patent Certificate, CE and RoHS Certificate.
This water chiller has been sold largely to Europe, South America, Asia and other markets.
Economic cooling equipment, easy to install and operate, compact and easily movable.

• It is suitable for cooling the laser tube under 150W, and the temperature can be adjusted precisely.
• You can choose different models according to local voltage and frequency.
• It can extend the using life of laser tube and ensure the engraving effect better.
• With completed water flow and over high temperature alarm functions
• It can control the water temperature, precision is ±0.3℃, which provide stable working conditions for laser devices.
• Multiple alarm function: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm;
• This series of water chillers adopt intelligent controller, which need not adjust the control parameters under normal
circumstances, it will automatically adjust control parameters according to room temperature changes, to meet the cooling requirement.
• CW-5000 water chiller has unique low flow alarm protection function, which ensures the cooling water cycle working safely.
• Specific disconnection alarm securing protection.
• Enclosed water tanks, water used for a long time.
• Equipped with alarm output port, can quickly protect sensitive components.
• High cost performance, low failure rate.
• Multiple power specifications; CE approval; RoHS approval.




Power Supply

AC 1P 110V, 60Hz


0.4~5.18 A

Max. power consumption


Compressor Power



Refrigerating Capacity

2559Btu / h


644Kcal / h


R – 134a

Refrigerant Charge




Tank Capacity





Over current protection for compressor, flow alarm, over temperature alarm

Pump Power


Maximum Flow

10L / min

Pump pressure


Inlet and Outlet

OD 10mm Narbed connector