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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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A3" x 98.4" 2516 Digital Flatbed Cutter

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$26,378.00 - $26,378.00
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US Stock, 63" x 98.4" 2516 Digital Flatbed Cutter
The state of the Digital Flatbed Cutter will streamline your graphic display finishing, packaging and POP production. With a maximum speed up to 47”/sec (1,200mm/sec), the USA manufactured high-end four axis motion control system guarantees precision with a cutting tolerance of 0.039” (1mm).

Working Materials

Various flexible materials including various kinds of corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheets, adhesive vinyl, gum, photo frame paper, KT boards, grey boards, acrylic boards, cellular boards, thick foam, leather, shell fabric and foot pads, wire coils and so on.

Its Panasonic servo motor and single drive, linear guideway, synchronized belt and lead screw, together with its innovative self-lubricating and automatic maintenance systems, provide the reliability needed for high volume industrial production.
To ensure accurate contour cutting, the Katana includes an integrated CCD digital camera, a powerful vacuum table and a unique global intelligent deviation correction system.
Its quiet operation, infrared safety sensor and fast transmission of data provide an ideal working environment for cutting corrugated plastic, PVC, cardboard, foamboard, styrene, honeycomb boards, leather, carpet, adhesive vinyl, paper, fabrics, etc. in an ample 63” x 98.4” (1600 × 2500 mm) cutting area.

Cutting Tools:

Model CNCR-KTN-2516
Max. Working Area 63” x 98.4” (1,600 × 2,500 mm)
CCD Camera Standard Configuration Capturing and Positioning by Gauge Points
Repeated Accuracy Less than 0.03mm
Maximum Speed 47″/sec (1,200 mm/sec)
Cutting Thickness 0.2 to 60mm (0.0079 to 2.36″) depending on material
MotorType Panasonic Servo Motor and Servo Driver
Interface Ethernet
Control Category Open Loop
Vacuum Motor Power 220/380v 3 phases 50 to 60 hz
Electrical Power Consumption 3000W ( without vacuum motor power)
Equipment Dimsenions 122” x 98” (3,175 × 2,500mm)
Weight 1,974 lbs (850 kg)