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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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51in x 98in 1325 High-quality Dual Ball Screw CNC Router, with 9KW Spindle

Original price $51,643.00 - Original price $51,643.00
Original price
$51,643.00 - $51,643.00
Current price $51,643.00

51in x 98in (1300mm x 2500mm) High-quality Dual Ball Screw CNC router, with 9KW Spindle

CNC ROUTER-MG SERIES is a kind of portable and high-quality dual ball screw Router. Three axes were adopted ball screw driving, imported servo systems, automation tools changer and calibrating. The whole machine is professional-looking fashion, stable performance, and perfect cutting quality, leading the professional fashion trend of CNC routers.

Construction of the machine

1. The frame was welded with rectangular tube, annealed to stress after heat treatment. Due to the robust construction and a high dead weight machines were largely vibration-free for high quality milling results.
2. Using gantry high rigidity structure, worktable static, and gantry movement.
3. Innovation dual ball screw driving systems in three axes, assuring dynamic characteristic of lathe.

Driven System
MG Series Gantry machining center adopted dual ball screw technology, it would largely enhance seismic resistance, reduce the vibration ten times. Adjusting dynamic characteristic, the acceleration of 3 axes will be increased to 1g. According to adopt innovation dual ball screw, the gantry and the spindle will be keeping balance when the machine is working. It is a great way to enhance stability, precision, and speed.

Innovation Dual Ball Screw with Driven Nut
Ball screw is a product that could convert the rotary motion into a linear motion or a linear motion into a rotary motion. The ball screw is widely used in industrial equipment and precision instruments. Because the three axes adopted precise ball screw and linear guides construction, when the ball screw is working, that will perform some advantage such as Wear small, high transmission efficiency, smooth transmission, long life, high precision, low temperature rising. MG Series can make precision of machine less than 0.01 and speed up to 25m/s.

Linear guides

The three axes always adopt imported 25mm linear guides, although the cost of choosing high quality is more expensive than the common ones, but we are pride of our product’s quality, precision, durability.


MG Series adopted Germany imported IGUS flexible cable and towline. Comparing with step motor drivers, it is more precise than step motor drivers. So that each turn of the servomotor to the servo drive and CNC control system output 16384 pulses for feedback control. The use of servo systems can be overloaded, which means higher speeds, faster acceleration and greater cutting force.


Power: 380V/9kW Spindle 
Speed: 24000rpm

Air-cooled Advantage:
1. Adopting high-speed chunk and nut with working stability, high speed. 
2. Passing strict dynamic balance, and satisfy requirements of high speed
3. It contained the function of automatic tools changer

Germany R + W coupling

Germany R + W coupling used in combing motor of Z axis and ball screw, high clamping force, torque step less adjustment, improving shaft performance, with cushioning protection effect. Even in the case of strong cutting, but also to ensure good rigidity and positioning accuracy. Comparing traditional belt connection, the product will not appear flaw with a great quality.

The control system for this machine is NCStudio. If you need the handle Keypad controller shown below, please contact the customer service

Independent developed CNC Controller System with its own intellectual property right. CONTROLLER is a double CPU controlling system. All the functions are integrated in the graphical keypad. The system support reliable protection of high precision. High stability. Good quality for our CNC Routers. We could produce some perfect machine with this system.
CONTROLLER is designed for all machines with additional benefits:
• USB, DNC, network DNC, 2G hard drive integration
• Multi home and auto surface
• G Code inspection before machining 
• Max Depth, speed and rate Protection
• 9 layers backups and recovery system, one key return to factory settings
• High strength casting aluminum shell with good EMC
• Approximate restart
• Collision Avoidance system for ATC
• Forward-looking function
• VFD screen High-speed double-pulse output  
• Dry running mode: preview tool path
• Gantry axis synchronization

Automation tools changer

Automatic Tool Sensor

Auto calibrate tool sensor, it can write all tool parameters into the system through automatically calibrate and save much time comparing with traditional manual calibration. It could make knife be precise of 0,01 mm.

Vacuum System

Vacuum system can materials on the table surface, comparing to the traditional manual clamping, it will improve production efficiency. The material is adsorbed on operation table, the middle of the material will not appear shifting. At the meanwhile, each partition can be a separate control, the seal was made from special materials with waterproof and oil Features.

Vacuum pump

Mist System
There is a mist system in MW Series, we can spray oil or air through adjusting valve, this is a great way to lubricate our knives and expand Durability. 

Compressed Air Specification
To ensure proper operation of devices installed on the machine that use compressed air, and in particular the spindle, the compressed air supplied must comply with the following characteristics
Inject compressed air with a purity rating complying with ISO 8573-1, types 2, 4, 3,
- Type 2 for solid particles: size of solid particles < 1 m.
- Type 4 for humidity: dew point < 3°C (37.4°F).
- Type 3 for total oil: oil concentration < 1 mg/m3 

Automatic dust collection system

There are two parts in Automatic dust collection system, dust tracker and suction machine. The dust tracker will go up and down according to the cutting depth, providing the cleanest cutting

Cables and electrical components

MG Series adopted Germany imported IGUS flexible cable and towline, although machine was working and the cable was being pulled, it always works well. The common cable is easier to break than the Germany IGUS cable, if makes trouble and the maintenance will be difficult. That’s the reason why we can ensure the quality of our machine. And we used some famous brand parts inside our electrical cabinet, such as ABB, SCHNEISWE, and WAGO.


Eye-cut cutting system is the perfect application advanced machine vision technology in CNC routers. Imaging Source Camera from Germany, Computer megapixel lens from Japan, Gigabit network transmission, which makes us to find the point faster and make the accurate cutting. The controller and FAGOR system can be used together with the eye-cut system.

Impression drawing

Model L W1 W2 H
MG101ATC 2540 1550 2100 1850
MG103ATC 3800 1550 2100 1850
MG1530ATC 4670 1804 2580 1850

Working Size
1300mm x 2500mm x 200mm (51in x 98in x 7.87in)
X-dual ballscrew
Vacuum zone
Voltage / Current
 220V three-phase electricity / 32A
Spindle power (KW)
HSD9.0ATC/Water cooling5.0ATC
Spindle speed
ISO30 ER32/BT30
Auto surface
Gantry Axis
Speed (X, Y Axis)
Speed (Z Axis)