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51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm) Woodworking CNC Router Machine

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Model CNCR-LD-1325C
Maximum Engraving Area 51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm)
Maximum Feeding Height 105mm
Table Size 59.8" x 122" (1520mm x 3100mm)
Spindle Power 2.2KW invertor-driven spindle motor cooled by water.
Transmission Linear Guide Ball Screw for X,Z axis,Gear Rack for Y axis
Traveling Speed (X, Y, Z tri-axial move together) 315" (8000mm)/min
Instruction Resolution 0.00039" (0.01mm)
Rotational Speed of Spindle 6000-24000rpm
Height From `Gantry` to Worktable 4.7" (120mm)
CNC Controller DSP
Engraving Software Ucancam V10, Type3, Router 8, and Type3, etc.(Optional)
Type of Driving Motor Step motor
Interface USB
Instruction Formats G code or HPGL
Power Consumption 2200W
Cooling Method Water-cooling (you can choose air-cooling)
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz. (Confirm your country before placing an order)
Machine Dimensions 122" x 59" x 47" (3100x 1520 x 1200mm)
Machine Weight 1078lb (490kg)
Packaging Fumigation free package
Packaging Size 128" x 72" x 65"(3250mm x 1850mm x 1650mm)
Gross Weight 1375lb (550kg)

The woodworking cnc router uses an advanced DSP numerical controlling system, more ergonomically designed for convenient operation with the handle, large screen displays, , and simple maintenance.
. Optimization of mechanical and electrical design to ensure good performance.
Furnished with high inverter-driven spindle motor cooled by water. 
Gear wheel transmission applied to the Y direction, dual engines and high-power driven, guarantee the speed and power.  - X, Y, Z direction using bolt pole transmission to ensure the precision in the process.
Unique intelligent calculation fully develops the potential of the engine and leads to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and straight lines, smoother curves. Traveling high speed can reach up to 10m (394")/min.
Unique and dynamic renewal of the system enables the customer (according to different processing requirements) to change the controlling ability of the system, and effectively improves the processing efficiency (start operation with the instructions of the technician from `factory` or agent)
. 32M saving capacity can store more than 3 processing files simultaneously, and read one at random.
. Connected with the computer via USB interface to enable data transmission in a second.  It supports hot plug and play with Window98/NT/2000/XP OS.
. More compatible: Ucancam V10, Type3, Router 8, and Type3, etc.(Optional)
The CNC router is able to keep engraving even when the electricity is cut off or the tool is broken.

Strong and sturdy, for a durable reliable performance. Easy operation at a reasonable price. Multi-functions and wide range of application make it possible to process any wooden products, advertising sign plates, acrylic cutting, etc. Any metal or non-metal material can be processed, for example: iron, copper, aluminum, plastic plate, wood, etc.