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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

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35" x 25" 9060 CNC Engraver CNC Router

Original price $5,931.00 - Original price $5,931.00
Original price
$5,931.00 - $5,931.00
Current price $5,931.00
35" x 25" 9060 CNC Engraver cnc router
Wide range of applications make it possible to process any wooden products like: advertising sign plates and acrylic cutting. Any metal or non-metal material can be processed, for example, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic plate, wood, etc. (different working tables are available depending on the materials you want to process).  It’s easy to operate, multi-functional, and sturdy at an accessible price.

 Product Highlights: 
• DSP system control.
• Optimization of mechanical and electrical design to ensure good performance. 
• High quality inverter-driven spindle motor cooled by water. The spindle with high power and frequency conversion enables to cut of 20mm thick plexiglass. Used for advertising, molds, gifts, carpentry, construction processes and model production. 
• Unique intelligent calculation fully develops the potential of the engine and leads to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and straight lines, smoother curves.
• Quick data transmitting: Connection with the computer via USB interface enables data to be transmitted in a second. Supports hot plug and play with Window98/NT/2000/XP OS. 
• Compatible with :Ucancam V10, Type3, Router 8, and Type3, etc.(Optional)
• Convenient operation: restoring function, enables the machine to stop running automatically when powered off, and automatically resume work when powered on. Break point storage is also available, so next time, the machine can resume the operation from `this` point on. Working time anticipation function and user-friendly auto-feeding blades are available. 
• Unique and dynamic renewal of the system enables the customer (according to different processing requirements) to change the controlling ability of the system, and effectively improves the processing efficiency (start operation with the instructions of the technician from `factory` or agent)