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110V 17.7" x 24" Digital Flatbed Cutter + 2 YEARS WARRANTY

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Original price $4,468.00
$4,468.00 - $4,468.00
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110V 17.7" x 24" Digital Flatbed Cutter
• Direct USB makes the flat bed cutter reliable and convenient 
• The linear guide of the flat bed cutter ensures high speed and few errors. 
• The flat bed cutter feature imported digital servo drivers and their SD cards offer mass storage. 
• The powerful compatible function enables connection with many different kids of software. 
• The flat bed cutter has an LCD touch screen in English or Chinese. 
• The flat bed cutter feature intellective order printing.

• Kinds of cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film etc. 
• Pen & Blade Types 
• Resolution: 0.01254 
• Interface: USB and SD card 
• Command Mode:HP-GL compatible format 
• Max. Speed: 600mm/s 
• Max. Cutting Depth: 1.2mm 
• Media Fixture Method: Vacuum suction 
• Repeat Precision: ≤0.05mm 
• Max. down force: 1,000g 
• Control system: Servo 
• Power Supply: 110V or 220V 
• Working Environment: 5 to 35 Degrees 
• Effective Cutting Area: 450mm x 600mm

Application Field:

Packaging DIY, signage, graphics, pre-printing, die cutting, handbag industries, etc.


Cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film, etc.
PVC: Less than 0.4mm
reflective film: All types
Abrasive paper: Less than 500gsm
Magnetic media : Less than 0.5mm ,
PET: Less than 0.3mm, vinyl, etc.

Why do we need this Flatbed Cutting Plotter?

A. Some customers like to cut hard or thick medias, like PVC, reflective film, abrasive paper, hard paper, magnetic paper, PET, etc.
B. As we know, vinyl cutting plotter can not cut off media, to avoid cutting the mat. However, when some media need to be cut off in some cases, a flatbed cutter is necessary.
C. To cut soft media, which can not be realized by a cutting plotter, a flatbed cutter is a good choice.


Working samples:

Net Weight: 40 kg
Gross Weight: 72 kg
Packing Size:119 x 96 x 33 cm