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2020 hot selling A4 size flatbed printer DTG Printes T-shirt Print machine for dark color white color T-shirt print directly

Original price $1,999.99 - Original price $1,999.99
Original price $1,999.99
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Current price $2,989.99
  • 2020 hot selling A4 size flatbed printer DTG Printes T-shirt Print machine for dark color white color T-shirt print directly 


    Product: A4 Size DTG Printer


    Suit for: For dark color T-shirt and light color T-shirt.



    The image that printed is water proof,scratch resistance and colorful.

    Plateless,directly printing from any image,like TIFF,JPEG,JPG,BMP,PSD,etc.

    Use Knob to adjust the print height,easy for operation


    Heat function,on one hand,it works for the special eco solvent ink,on the other hand,it enhance the dry speed of ink,and enhance the image quality,which will let the image much colorful and vivid.


    Buy one printer you will get:

    1 set A4 flatbed printer

    1 pcs USB user manual for free

    1 set RIP software for free

    1 pcs mother board for free

    1 pcs power cable for fee

    1 pcs USB cable for free

    1 set refilling syringe for free

    1 set empty CISS for free

    1 pcs ink holder for free




    Model For EPSON A4 L805 Flatbed printer
    Ink Color C M Y K LC LM  /C M Y K W W (6color)
    Printing size 210mm*300mm
    Printing height 60mm
    Printing distance 1mm~3mm(1mm optimum)
    Printing height adjustment  Knob to control the height of the tray
    Printing Speed A4size photo(Photo mode 111 seconds)
    Item height Fixed height limit
    Net Weight 48kg
    Packing size L760mm*W570mm*H560mm
    Print software PartnerRIP 9.0(free)
    Print Interface USB2.0
    Operating system Windows XP / Windows 7  Windows 8  Windows 10


    Environmental requirement Temperature 20-35℃/Humidity20-80%


    Textile Ink Set:

    4*100 ml textile ink ( C M Y K ) ( 100 ml for each color )
    500 ml white textile ink
    1 liter textile white ink fixing agent
    100 ml cleaning liquid
    1. Textile white ink fixing agent: add in a spray bottle and spritz on the dark color T-shirt before print dark color T-shirt
    2. White textile ink: fill in two of the ink bottle, use for dark color T-shirt printing
    3. Cleaning liquid: cleaning the nozzle


    Q: How long will it take to print a piece of T-shirt?

    A: It will take 5 minutes to print an A4 size image .


    Q: What is the ink cost for a piece of T-shirt?

    A: It will cost around $0.25 for a white color T-shirt and $0.35 for a dark color T-shirt.


    Q: What consumables do I need to consider about when I buy a flatbed printer for clothing printing?

    A: You just need the textile ink and heat press machine.