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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.
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Please use email 99% of the time as it is now very difficult to answer all the phone calls.

Error Codes - HP Designjet 350C 24" (A1) Printer (C4699A)

* Vibrant colour capable of printing A1-sized print in 6 minutes, nearly 100% compatibility with all CAD software *

LED 2 Flashing

Load Media: Media must be re-aligned.

Media re-aligning instructions in User's Guide chapter 2

LED 2 light ON steady

Load Media: No sheet is loaded

LED 6 is Flashing

Ready:  The plotter is busy with a task or is receiving a file.


LED 6 light ON

Ready: Ready to plot.

Send your plot from your computer, or, for a special internal plot, press the appropriate key combination.

LEDs 1+2+3 lights ON

Plain + Load Media + Error: Servo error inthe X-axis (Media axis).

Try the following: Clear any binding due to a media jam. Caution: Do not pull any media along the carriage axis- you could break the media-sensor flags. Call Service Engineer if problem persists.

LEDs 1+2+3+4 lights ON

Plain + Load Media + Error + Film: Problems in the free movement of the carriage.

The possible causes could be something is causing excessive friction in the Y-Axis (carriage axis) or The carriage touches the bail as it moves.-

Call Service engineer.

LEDs 1+2+3+4+5 lights ON

Plain + Load Media + Error + Film + Fast: Error in Bail Lift mechanism

The Bail Lift Mechanism is unable to raise or lower the Bail (it is the carriage that tests to see whether the Bail is in the correct position by trying to knock against it) Check the bail - lift system to see if it is working correctly. Requires Service Engineer

LEDs 1+2+3+5 lights ON

Plain + Load Media + Error + Fast: Error detected in Media-Axis servo feedback loop.

Call Service Engineer

LEDs 1+3 Flashing

Plain + Error: The current plot is too large and does not fit into memory.

If the plot is a Raster plot try sending it with a no negative motion RTL command. If it is a vector plot, try using a driver that performs all the rasterisation of the plot in the Host computer before sending it to the plotter. Otherwise add more memory by using a DRAM SIMM - Call Service Engineer

LEDs 1+3+4+5 lights ON

Plain + Error + Film + Fast: Not enough mem,ory for the sensor data structure.

Try the following: Turn the plotter off anf ON again to see if the problem disappears. If it remains call Service Engineer.

LEDS 1+3+4+5+9 lights ON

Plain + Error + Film + Fast + Roll: Cartridge-alignment firmware error

Try the following: Power down the plotter, turn it off and on again to see if the problem disappears. Replacve Cartridges. If the problem remains call Service engineer.

LEDs 1+3+4+6 lights ON

Plain + Error + Film + Ready: Failure of Centropnics READ

Firmware error or faulty electronics module.

LEDs 1+3+4+8 lights ON

Plain + Error +Film + Normal: Electrical error

One of the causes could be a missing or badly seated cartridge, if not, call Service Engineer.

LEDs 1+3+5 lights ON

Plain + Error + Fast: Error detected in the EEROM.

Possible causes: power failure during tests or various problems which require trouble-shooting by a Service Engineer.

LEDs 1+3+5+9 lights ON

Plain + Error + Fast + Roll: Communication broken between the two processors on the Main PCA

Call Service Engineer

LEDs 1+3+6 lights ON

Plain + Error + Ready: RS-232-C Data overflow. Data byte was not read before another was entered into the UART. 

Possible causes are: Incorrect configuration in communications in speed/protocol. Incorrect commuinications cable. Error in Host computer. Faulty Electronics module - may need to call Service Engineer.

LEDs 1+3+9 lights ON

Plain + Error + Roll: Processor fault

Turn the Plotter Off and then ON again to see whether the problem disappears. - If not Call Service Engineer. 

LEDs 2 ON steady - 6 Flashing

Load Media + Ready: The plotter has a file in memory, which it is waiting to plot, but no sheet is loaded.

Load a sheet.

LEDs 2+3 Flashing

Load Media + Error:  Media - Load error.

Cover open during start-up. checkm that the Media is aligned and the correct Media size is loaded. Try to load it again (Tips chap 4 User's guide). clear any binding in the media axis. CAUTION - Do not pull media along the carriage axis you could break the media-sensor flags. - Call Service Engineer if problem persists.

LEDs 2+3+4 lights ON

Load Media + Error + Film: Servo error in the Y-axis (carriage axis).

Try the following: Clear any binding due to a Media jam. Turn the Plotter OFF and manually move the carriage along the carriage axis checking for any areas wher the carriage may be binding as you do so. if problem persists call Service Engineer.

LEDs 2+3+4+5 lights ON

Load Media + Error + Film + Fast: Error in Y-Axis Encoder quadrature. (Carriage axis)

The  probable causes need trouble -shooting - Call Service Engineer

LEDs 2+3+8 lights ON

Load Media + Error + Normal: Error in X-axis calibration

Is X-axis calibration done? Did you load Media in correct orientation? are the marks visible on the plot? If not  check whether cartridges are properly aligned. If so and problem continues call Service Engineer.

LEDs 2+6 OFF

Load Media + Ready: 

Possible causes are: Cover is open, Plotter is waiting for you to cut the plot ( User's  Guide chapter 2)

LEDs 3+4 Flashing

Error + Film: One or more of the cartridges is missing, making bad contact or is of the wrong type -

try the following: Remove each cartridge. Make sure that the protective tape has been removed, and look for dirty contacts or wear. replace each cartridge and run the Black- Cartridge Alignment procedure (User's Guide Chapter 1) call service Engineer if problem continues.

LEDs 3+4 lights ON

Error + Film: DRAM on board or SIMM-DRAM failure.

Call Service Engineer - see also error 1+3+5

LEDs 3+4+6 lights ON

Error + Film + Ready: Failure of RS-232-C loopback test.

Requires Service engineer

LEDs 3+5 lights ON

Error + Fast: Swath RAM Test failure

Call Service Engineer

LEDs 3+6 Flashing

Error + Ready: There is a problem with the serial interface.

Ensure that the Plotters settings for baud rate and parity are the same as the Host computer. check the plotter settings (see Users Guide chapter 1). Also check your interface cable and connections. This error may also occur if you send a drawing for print using a WINDOWS Driver when the Fast Direct to Print Option is turned OFF in the Windows Print Control Panel. You should either turn the Fast Direct to Print option ON, or send the drawing to a file and print the file from the MS-DOS command line through the serial Port. If the Host computer is is an HP 712 workstation, you may have some problems using baud rates of 19200 or 38400. Call Service engineer if problem persists.

LEDs 3+6+9 lights ON

Error + Ready + Roll: Library Error

Special Firmware Error - requires service Engineer

LEDs 3+8 lights ON

Error + Normal: Not enough memory to allocate internal data structures.

Turn the Plotter Off and then ON again to see if the problem disappears - If not call Service Engineer.


NO LEDS ON: If there is no activity at all from the plotter you may have a power problem (or it may be switched OFF)